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:iconstopplz: PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING :iconstopplz:

DO NOT USE ANY OF MY FAKEMON (including the actual picture, outdated pictures, names, bios, etc) WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!! Eowenah, Shadogaire, Yinyanro, Maxlormew, Macromew, Mewtrice, Kittwo, (my version of) Mewthree, Glitch01, MissingNO, and Eowenah's kids Cerupus, Rubynine, Lunicane, and Vionight are not up for useage. this includes in roleplays, stories, videos, character bios, etc. fan art is fine, however, so just make sure to ask :). Solaquilia and Lunaves do not belong to me, so you have to talk to :iconxmusicalsnowxx: if you want to do anything with them. Other than that, the other fakemon are usable AS LONG AS YOU ASK. Shoot me a note if you want to use them. All I ask is for credit. Also, please do NOT resubmit the original images to Deviantart. One more thing, please don't use my fakemon's names, such as in this -> YOU STILL HAVE TO ASK PERMISSION TO USE A FAKEMON'S NAME! The names are the intellectual property of the artist, just as the picture is. anyways, thank you for your time, and thank you for the support :)

Ferros region
:bulletblue: Zirconium version (mascot Lawtotops)
:bulletorange: Chromium version (mascot Therorders)
:bulletgreen: Titanium version (mascot Sauricials)

Acerbies region
:bulletblue: Coniferous version (mascot Caribows)
:bulletred: Deciduous version (mascot Leolstice)
:bulletpink: Evergreen version (mascot Yalenox (spring fall))

Naraht region
:bulletblack: Tourmaline version (mascot Shadogaire)
:bulletwhite: Celestine version (mascot Eowenah)
:bulletgreen: Galena version (mascot Yinyanro)

thanks to silverhoundoom for the colored version of camiation and basarisk! ->…


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Tribute to a very special cat
Last night I had to say goodbye to a beloved member of my family. We named her Mikolka, despite it being a male's name. We were lucky to have her for fourteen years- a pretty long life for a cat, although I expected her to last a lot longer than that. It really broke my heart seeing her go, and especially, seeing her suffer during her last moments, but at the same time, I am thankful for all the memories, and all the little and great moments we spent together. I will never forget her; she was a beautiful creature, one of a kind. 

She came to our home as a gift for my younger sister; a little white kitten with beautiful blue eyes. She was shy and scared. Fortunately, she soon found security in one of our older kittens named Yani. You could say he would become the love of her life. 
They grew up together. They would sleep together, play together, look after each other. She was very protective of him; she didn´t hesitate to attack dogs bi
:iconhodarinundu:HodariNundu 19 62
The Maritime Muck by Sheather888 The Maritime Muck :iconsheather888:Sheather888 92 10 Brugburn, Burned Down Fakemon by Smiley-Fakemon Brugburn, Burned Down Fakemon :iconsmiley-fakemon:Smiley-Fakemon 412 97 Sinraptor emoji by Hyrotrioskjan Sinraptor emoji :iconhyrotrioskjan:Hyrotrioskjan 227 53 Iridescent Rainbow Wing - Leather Necklace by windfalcon Iridescent Rainbow Wing - Leather Necklace :iconwindfalcon:windfalcon 134 9 Repairs by windfalcon Repairs :iconwindfalcon:windfalcon 416 21 #091 RAPISTRIKE by Lucas-Costa #091 RAPISTRIKE :iconlucas-costa:Lucas-Costa 312 46




Journal History

:iconupdateplz: More images uploaded to my Stash! You can see all my upcoming submissions here (if you are interested).

Yeah, considering my last journal was one of sorrow and loss (and back in September), I think it's time to finally bump it off and put up a new journal. Spring is always a good time for new beginnings and fresh starts, so it works out well. As a follow up to the last journal, thank you all so much for the support you gave me after my loss. To date loosing my cat Milo is probably the hardest thing I've ever had to go through, and seeing so many of my friends and watchers reach out to me was very, very reassuring. I'm doing much better now, now nine months since his passing, and I now am taking care of two black kitty-baby brothers (Baloo/Blue and Brave) which will be a year old this Fourth of July (Kinda cool how they were born on my favorite holiday). 

Now, for those possibly wondering why I've been gone so long, spring is BY FAR my busiest time of year, between mushroom hunting, work on the farm, Audubon society stuff, etc, so most of the time I'm just to busy or tired to come back on. That's not to say that I haven't been busy with art though, and I'm very excited to show you all what I've been working on. I actually have most of the new art loaded into my stash (which you can see here if you are interested), I just have/want to get the descriptions for them all written out before "officially" submitting them. Like I've said before, writing and getting my thoughts out is really hard for me, so it can take a while for me to submit something because of it. Hopefully I'll be able to sit down and actually manage to write soon. Until then though, feel free to see what is coming up!

Anyways, happy spring everyone!
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Eowyn Bates
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hello all and welcome! Stay as long as you want and feel free to have a look around. Also, don't be shy to comment, I don't bite :) (well, most of the time anyways).

I uh, I guess this is the bit where we talk a little bit about ourselves... Here it goes.

I am mostly a traditional artist, although I'm slowly transitioning to digital, and do bit of spriting from time to time. Most of what I make are speculative species (The Pterraforming Project), Fakemon (The Ferros, Acerbies, and Naraht regions), anatomical drawings, skeletal diagrams, terraria sprites, and so on.

Aside from drawing, I am also a mid-experienced mushroom hunter and mycology enthusiast, a skull and bone cleaner/collector, a paleobiology enthusiast, and a bird watcher/enthusiest. I also do quite a bit of work with our local Audubon Society. I'm particularly fond of Pokemon, Terraria, the Five Nights At Freddy's series (You've have to forgive me for that :/), accurate pterosaurs and dinosaurs, and good old fashioned SCIENCE (and anything pertaining to it).

Now, before anyone asks, no, I don't currently plan on making any fake games or mods, as sadly I have no experience with coding or programming. I am currently learning it, however, so there is a chance maybe one day I'll do something with my stuff. That being said, THE TERRARIA SPRITES IN MY GALLERY ARE FREE TO USE! I just ask that you ask first, and of course give credit (Oh, and maybe give me a download link, for science). Other than that, go crazy :) (Well, within reason).

Feel free to ask me anything, I'm happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have (Although I'll be completely honest I can be pretty slow at responding). I do read ALL comments, and will try to respond to every single one. Also, I will NOT cut you down for criticism or holding an opinion. Just make sure you read the whole description before you write a critique, as most of the time the concern is answered/addressed there. Criticism is especially welcome on the Pterraforming Project, as I am trying to make the creatures there as plausible and accurate as possible.

If you see any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, typos, run on sentences, or if the text is just plain unreadable in the descriptions, PLEASE let me know. I struggle with writing and typing, so I need help going over/correcting it.

So anyways, enjoy yourself! Requests are currently closed, but I'm open for commissions (although I'm not entirely sure what prices should be (recommendations are highly welcome)).

Fakemon used for Dev ID is my pokesona, Eowenah, in her enraged form


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