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September 10, 2012
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Eowenah enraged take... six(?) by legendguard Eowenah enraged take... six(?) by legendguard
outdated. info is also outdated. see here instead ->…

:iconupdateplz: 2.0: added texture (always forget that step...) also, just to clarify, she is a very difficult boss. a REAL boss. most Pokemon "bosses" suck. mascot pokemon and gym leaders, evil team heads, and elite four members are cool, don't get me wrong, but they just don't seem like "real" bosses. so, here comes the fate trio (Shadogaire, Eowenah, and Yinyanro)

here's some info about how I plan the battle to be.

:bulletwhite: you can't fight her until the elite four has been defeated a minimum of one time and Yinyanro has been captured.
:bulletwhite: Eowenah is lv 75 when you do finally challenge her.
:bulletwhite:she starts out in her normal form, who can only use status altering moves at this point.
:bulletwhite: even if you use a one hit K-O move on her, her HP will go down to only half.
:bulletwhite: getting her down to half HP counts as defeating a Pokemon and gives you experiences points. (more than a wild blissey of the same level actually)
:bulletwhite: if you use a healing move on her, it will only restore her HP to full in her normal form, half in her enraged form. (talk about a split personality)
:bulletwhite: her moves are: miracle eye, leech seed (only non-grass type capable of learning it), swords dance, and calm mind. total PP is 100, so waiting for struggle isn't really an option.
:bulletwhite: you actually have a set amount of moves that you have to defeat her (maximum of 45, minimum is you try to one hit K-O her and she kills that Pokemon in one shot)
:bulletwhite: moves are: psycho cut, spectrum beam (lgt, cls: special pwr: 95 acc: 100 PP: 15, may burn target), psycho break (psy, cls: physical pwr: 100 acc: -- PP: 10, may paralyze target) and sanity break (???, cls: special pwr: -- acc: 100 PP 10, see below) YOU HAVE 45 TURNS OR LESS TO CAPTURE HER. C.A.P.T.U.R.E.
(iconbulletwhite) sanity break is like the dungeon guardian prime of the Pokemon world. (… for those who don't know). she will be programmed to use sanity break if she is about to be knock out in the next turn (the AI will predict this) or if she runs out of PP for her other moves. sanity break knocks the target out in one shot, even if they have used a protecting/enduring move, has sturdy, or has an enduring item. GODDAMMIT CAPTURE HER BEFORE THAT POINT.
:bulletwhite: HOWEVER, once you capture her the move will be replaced by giga burn (lgt, cls: special pwr:150 acc: 100 PP: 5, burns target, user takes recoil damage, user must rest on next turn.)
:bulletwhite: HP will go down 2% during battle. if she is afflicted by a damaging status condition, she will go immediately ape shit. damage of that status move is then only 1/10 REMAINING hit points. (after capture this feature goes away.)
:bulletwhite: you might want to somehow obtain a master ball (at this point in the game, however, you've probably already used it on Yinyanro. also, I'd save that masterball for the fight with Shadogaire. you think THIS fight is difficult.
:bulletwhite: bring Yinyanro to the fight for god's sake...
:bulletwhite: you can flee though, but Eowenah will go on a rampage and destroy a random town every time you flee from her in her enraged form. (normal form she'll tell you she understands and to come back when you are TRULY ready.)
:bulletred: if you do somehow manage to defeat her, you game auto-saved before the battle and will reset itself, like nothing ever happened. you wont get exp. points from defeating her however you did.
:bulletwhite: trying to use moves like perish song will grant you an instant death. (in reality, she wouldn't be able to hear ANYTHING in this form anyway.)

because of all this, however, she is banned from all competitive play, even link battles. she's not a trophy though, you need her in order to progress the story and fight the final boss, Shadogaire.

I honestly HOPE for people to have a difficult time with this. make sure you time everything right, and have a well prepared team. remember, you cannot progress unless she is captured.

more information can be found here ->…

feel free to ask me if you want more info or any suggestion/concerns.

:iconupdateplz: I've noticed that a few people have remarked that she looks like zekrom, palkia, and a few others. SHE IS MEANT TO LOOK LIKE THEM. if you notice, groudon, palkia, and zekrom share a common style of large bipedal bodies, thick arms (hands in groudon) prominent shoulders, long necks, thick legs and feet, prominent tails, sharp, triangular teeth, knee decorations, prominent chests, etc etc etc. also, two of the three have a red based hue as their main body color.……
here's a better reference. hope this helps!

previously: started this two days ago, just finished it an hour ago. the other picture just didn't capture her fury well enough. the claws are made of pure energy, NOT metal, like wolverine or lucario. in fact, all the blue areas are either made of energy or energy coated. they are strongest at 1/4th hp, then weaken every turn after that. she can't think in this form, only react.

I did darken the body slightly to raise the contrast between the blue markings and the rest of her body.

name: Eowenah (ay-OH-when-ah)
name origins: eo[h]+new(backwards)+ah
form: enraged
nat. number: 1375
regional #: (Naraht) 154
gender ratio: male 0%, female 100%
type: light/psychic
ability: rampage
ab. effect: always hits first, but won't attack at all if the opponent isn't readying a damaging/status condition inflicting move. can't use items on her, secondary effects of moves don't happen, and slowly loses HP over the course of the battle
off field ab. effect: if Pokemon is first in party, wild Pokemon will NEVER appear
dream world ability: same
class: legendary guardian Pokemon
height: 17' 09"
length: 57' 11"
wingspan: (new feature) 38'11"
weight: 952.9 lbs
capture rate: 3
base egg steps: 30,720
effort value earned: +3 attack/sp attack
wild hold item: none
base EXP: 1,640,000 Fluctuating
base happiness: 0
color category: red
safari zone flee rate: none (does not appear in safari zone)
safari zone hack flee rate: none (game will freeze)
breeding group: does not breed
gives live birth?: does not apply
evolution chain:

legendary(none) (legendaries have no evolution line)

base stats
hp- 143- 143- 143
at- 124- 136- 180
de- 089- 101- 145
sa- 124- 136- 180
sd- 089- 101- 145
sp- 111- 123- 167
To- 680- 740- 960

normal form->…
origin form->…
human form->…
old ->

tl;dr she'll rip you and your pokemon the fuck apart.
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actually though, this is actually outdated, the new one is here ->…
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